What you need to know

The current health crisis had forced us to make important changes to our programs. Here are a few things that you should know, by order of importance, as you start exploring our options:

1. Musical Theater, Homework help for 6-8th graders, and Drivers Ed are now offered in person.

In an evolution of our protocols, grades with a majority of fully vaccinated students are no longer constituted in cohorts. can  longer considered part of a specific can now participate in more than one extracurricular/sport cohort. This will allow us to now offer homework help to all middle-school students.  


2. Supporting our students academically: We are supporting our students academic endeavors by offering an online Homework Help/Academic support program as well as opportunities to read, speak and debate in French through our Saturday morning Book club. 

3. Expanding our World: Connected World offers free technology related courses. The first courses offered this year will start on March 2nd. Students can also produce their own music with Today's Top Hits and take private online music lessons.