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Jr-K & Kindergarten

What programs are available to Jr-K & K students? 

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La Garderie and Les Ateliers 

La Garderie offers classroom activities (crafts, games, story time, etc.), individual and collective arts & crafts projects, gardening, outdoor play under the supervision of our fun and caring LFC*extra team. Students registered in La Garderie always remain separated by grade. 

Jr-K and K students can also register for enrichment classes called "Les Ateliers". These classes are offered from 3:35pm to 4:35pm after a period of free play and snack time. When registering for an atelier on a specific day, families do not need to register for La Garderie that same day of the week. If the family wants their child to stay until 6pm, they have the option to extend their stay when registering for their atelier.   

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