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Jr-K & Kindergarten
Childcare Programs

Kindergarten Classroom



In-School childcare for Jr-K to K students


Monday through Friday


September 11, 2023 - February 14, 2024

$425 per weekday until 4:35 pm

or $595 per weekday until 6 pm


February 26 - June 12, 2024

$300 per weekday until 4:35pm

or $420 per weekday until 6pm

At 3:00 pm, registered students stay in their own classroom with their assistant teacher while regular pick-up takes place. It is snack time and free-time play. Please note that students staying after school will be asked to bring their own snack each day. 

At 3:30 pm, students are divided by age (Jr-K and K) into two different classrooms, while those registered for an atelier are taken to their activity. Weather permitting, students spend as much time as possible playing outdoors on the playground. When staying indoors, the afterschool team organizes themed activities ranging from dress-up/pretend stories to construction games, various types of crafts, reading and story time, or more active play. Each grade of La garderie students will also be in charge of their own raised garden bed that students will take care of, water and decorate throughout the year.  

4:35 pm marks the end of the first part of the evening. Students registered for the first part of the program only must have been picked up at that time. Possibility to extend your day by registering your child until 6:00 pm. Read our Safety Guide to learn more about our updated pick-up process.


  • La garderie des Moyens (Jr-K)

  • La garderie des Grands (K)




5-Day pass: $185

10-Day pass: $370

The perfect solution for families who need to use the program on a non-regular basis. 24-hour advance notice is requested. This option is limited in time and frequency. Families wanting to use the program on a regular basis must setup proper registration online or with our office. Children using a flextime pass join the regular childcare program until 6 pm.

To request the use of your flex-time credits, email


  • ​Flex-time 5 days

  • Flex-time 10 days

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