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End-of-Day transitions & pick-up procedures for Pre-K students

Transitions for Pre-K (3-3:30pm)

From 3:00-3:15pm, Pre-K students registered for the Welcome Pass will remain in their classrooms under the supervision of their classroom assistant. They will eat the snack that parents will have provided for them during this quiet time.

3:15-3:30pm is transition time: Students go on a bathroom break, wash hands and are taken by our team to the classroom where their selected atelier will take place. 

At 3:35pm, all ateliers will start. They will run until 4:35pm. To give your child the full experience, pick-up is not allowed prior to 4:35pm. 

After school Pick-up procedures

Pick-up Identification system

  • LFC Families receive yearly pickup identification system card sets.

  • Each family has a unique number assignment and design that is changed every year.

  • For children in Pre-K-Grade 5, one card must be attached to their backpack.

  • A separate card must be presented in order to pick up any primary school student whether by foot or by car.

  • Parents must share additional cards with any person they wish to be authorized for pickup.

  • It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that anyone coming to pick up their child is in possession of a pickup card that corresponds with the student they are meant to pick up.

Parking to pick-up by foot

Pickup from our after-school programs is by foot only. If arriving by car, you must park your vehicle and walk to pick up your student(s). (Pickup by car is ONLY immediately following the regular school day.)

  • You are authorized to park briefly on the right side of the private drive in a single line in order to pick up your student(s) at the appropriate location.

  • Parking on the left side of the private drive is absolutely forbidden. This is to ensure children do not cross an alley with moving traffic.

  • If you cannot find a parking spot on the right side of the private drive, please consider street parking or circling around until a spot becomes available.

  • Please remember to bring your car’s hanging pickup identification card if you do not have an additional wallet card with you.

Flexible Pick-up 4:35-6:00pm

Entrance by west lobby
  • Persons authorized to pick-up are authorized to enter the Maternelle hallway to go pick-up their child directly from the classroom. They will need to show their pick-up card to the guard before entering the building.

  • A TV located in the west lobby indicates the current location of all Maternelle students by grade, either a classroom or the playground.

  • If students are outside, pick-up will take place by presenting the pick-up card to an after school employee at the gate by the play structure.

  • Parents are not allowed on the playground to pickup their child. The playground is only open to students placed under the supervision of LFC faculty and staff.    

  • Once a child has been checked out from the school, they become their parents' responsibility.

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