What programs are available to grades 1-5 students?

Homework Help OR/AND Les Ateliers 

Grades 1-5 students can do their homework every night of the week for one hour with students of the same grade and under the supervision of Lycee teachers or other qualified individuals. We offer a ratio of one adult for 5 students, and support in both languages. 

Grades 1-5 students can also register for enrichment classes called "Les Ateliers". These classes are offered from 3:35pm to 4:35pm after a period of recess and snack time. And if a family wants their child to stay until 6pm, they have the option to extend their stay when registering them for their homework help or atelier session. The second part of the evening is free play for the students who get to pick the games of their choice or play outside at the playground.