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LFC*extra, the 2021-22 edition!
Session 1: September 13-November 23

Organization of the school year

To better adapt to a constantly evolving situation, we are running again three sessions instead of two this year:

  • Session 1: September 13 – November 23. Registration open September 2 at 12:30pm 

  • Session 2: November 29 – February 16, Registration period: November 16–22.

  • Session 3: February 28 – June 14, Registration period: February 10-15.

To respect the cohorts system that has been put in place, our offer is limited in scope and we are focusing our attention on safety, academic support and essential childcare solutions for families. While we were hoping to expand our offering for the start of this school year, the current pandemic situation does not allow yet for reopening of in-person enrichment classes or any other program that would cause us to break cohorts such as back-to-school camps. We will reevaluate the situation before each new session.     

Our programs at-a-glance

We are currently offering the following services: 


  • La Garderie: In-person childcare (Pre-K to K)

  • In-person Wednesday afternoon childcare (Le Mercredi des petits)

  • Les clubs: In-person homework help, games and activities (grades 1-5)

  • Musical Theater : All Together Now

  • Swim Team

  • Golf

  • Soccer


  • Online homework help and academic support

  • My Hour of French

  • Online Private Music lessons

  • Illinois Middle-school Debate League

  • Music production class

  • Other programs will be offered throughout the year 

The following services will not be offered this first session:

  • Before school

  • Enrichment classes through partner organizations

  • In-person private music lessons

  • Fall camp will only be offered if there is sufficient interest per grade. Decision on September 22.

Hours of operation

Our full week programs meant to offer a childcare solution to families (La Garderie & Les clubs/homework help) run from the end of the school day until 6 pm, with two daily options.

  • Register until 4:35 pm

  • OR Register until 6:00 pm


Because our programs will continue on virtual mode should your child’s classroom or the entire school have to move to remote leaning, we will not offer a refund in this situation and we will keep our team working to support your children with online academic support, French acquisition programs, and fun activities at home.

What is the cost of the first session?

  • Until 4:35pm: $195.00 per week day for the full length of the session

  • Until 6pm: $285.00 per week day for the full length of the session

  • Mercredi des petits (Wednesday afternoon): $395.00 for the full length of the session

The first session will run September 13 through the Thanksgiving break. These prices apply to La Garderie & Les Clubs/Homework help

What will students do during after school hours?

Les Maternelles: La Garderie

In-person: Classroom activities (crafts, games, story time, etc.), individual and collective arts & crafts projects, gardening, outdoor play. Students will always remain separated by grade.

Remote: “One hour of French” to add exposure to the French language during this time of remote learning.

L'Elementaire: Les Clubs

In-person: Homework help, art projects, board games, escape rooms, gardening, outdoor play. Students will always remain separated by grade. 

Remote: Focus on homework help, academic support, and use of language. 

Middle school students

LFC*extra will be offering online only programs at this level so that students can register for musical theater or for the sport program of their choice. Homework help services will be available online, as well as online music lessons, a Musical theater, Music production, app building, etc.

The Gardening project - The tinker-bell project

Since we cannot offer a large choice of activities as long as students are limited to one extra cohort, we have thought of ways to expand the students experience within their afterschool cohort. This has lead us to develop two new projects that will supplement the students experience while attending our childcare and homework help programs. 


The Garden Project

  • We have installed 9 raised garden beds over the summer.

  • Each after-school classroom from pre-k to grade 5 will be responsible over the year for their own garden bed.

  • Students will decide what to plant in the fall and spring, and learn how to take daily care of their garden. And who knows, they may bring back home a couple of magic beans... 

The Tinker-Bell Project

  • Students will create crafts, art pieces, ingenious machines, garden signs and other pieces meant to decorate our new gardening space with unique, student-made pieces. 

  • Woodworking, sewing, knitting, beading, coloring, painting, etc. Students of all ages will get to tinker with many art media and contribute to make our new garden a place to relax and wind down during recess or at lunch time.