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and learn how to make your own music

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LFC Alumn Raphael Olivier Beuf is a composer, producer and singer/songwriter from Paris, France. After graduating from LFC with honors in 2015, he attended the prestigious French National Superior Conservatory (CNSM) as a jazz guitarist and film composer. He then composed music for movies and commercials (Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Mandarin Cinema), toured Europe (Philarmonie de Paris, Brussels Botanical Garden, Gaîté Lyrique) and released his critically acclaimed electro-pop project AVBE (+ 2 Million streams globally.)

Raphael is now launching the first ever music production class at Lycée Français, entitled « Today’s Top Hits »

Today's Top Hits
Music Production & DJing


Session time: 50 minutes

Classes at 4:30pm (12-14 years old) and 5:30pm (15-18 years old) on Mondays (2 groups) 

February 26, March 4, 11, 18, April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20

$295 for the full session

Maximum capacity: 8 students per group

Technical requirements: Laptop // Headphones 

Musical background: all levels welcome!

Class language: French (English speaking students welcome!)


This class revolves around one idea: students primarily listen to electronic, dance and rap music. These styles all have one thing in common: the laptop

Modern technology now allows any « kid » to make global hits from his or her bedroom. Today’s Top Hits is a direct reference to Spotify’s eponym music playlist, the biggest in the world, followed by 32 Million listeners, and showcasing the current sounds of pop music. Whether the student is an experienced instrumentalist, singer, or just a curious beginning artist, everyone has a personal voice, waiting to be shared with the world.

This class will feature a set of key elements to develop their creativity:

• DJing sessions

• Active listening and analysis of today’s hits — what makes Ariana Grande’s songs so good? What is that drum beat on The Weeknd’s « Blinding Lights »? How to recreate Drake’s « Toosie Slide »?

• Creative composition notions — harmony, rhythm and arrangement

• Career analysis — how does Raphael manage to write, compose, arrange, produce and perform his original songs?

• Beatmaking sessions — how to create an original track from scratch

• Collaborative space — create songs as a group, showcasing everyone’s individual talent, shared in a collaborative space

• From studio to the world — how to finish a song, and share it with the world!

Today’s Top Hits with Raphael Olivier is a unique opportunity to bring students together, around the music they love to listen to, and soon to make. In such uncertain times, it will create a shared creative space, where students can connect and collaborate. Raphael’s experience as a composer, producer and singer/songwriter is a perfect fit, as his growing career is a reflection of today’s music industry: anyone with creativity and discipline can create a musical universe, build a fan base, share meaningful art, and connect with the world.

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