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As a rule, LFC*extra follows the same main policies established during the day:

  • Mask wearing: Mandatory for students and staff at all times 

  • Social distancing: 6 feet apart. After school: No more than 14 students per classroom

  • Regular Hand washing: Always before re-entering the classroom, or every 45 minutes during bathroom breaks. Hand sanitizer used when entering the classroom as well 

  • Temperature check: At the beginning of the program

  • Non sharing policy: Toys and supplies are not shared; Toys are wiped before being reused by another student. Toys are sanitized at the end of every day by cleaning crew.

  • Snacks: Eaten in classroom during transition time. No distribution. Students must bring their own. 


Official recommendations from CDC and IDPH are that students do not participate in more than 3 cohorts maximum. LFC has oped for a 2 cohorts system, authorizing students to be part of their classroom cohort, and to an after-school grade cohort.

LFC*extra establishes 1 cohort per grade, allowing contact between students from the same grade but not allowing students from different grades to interact with each other. In case of a confirmed case in a classroom during the day, the entire classroom will move to remote learning. If the confirmed case has attended the after school program, all students from the same grade who have been in contact with the confirmed case in the after school program within the last 48 hours will also be asked to study remotely for the next two weeks.

We have therefore established a weekly classroom rotation schedule that has been communicated to our cleaning company so that classrooms used by after school are sanitized after 6pm.

  • Pre-k: 1 classroom used weekly with a bi-weekly rotation between PSA & PSC 

  • Jr-K: 1 classroom used weekly with a three-week rotation between Jr-K A, B & C

  • K: 1 or 2 classrooms used weekly, with a rotation every two or every 4 weeks between KA, KB, KC & KD

  • Grades 1-5: 1 classroom used weekly with a 3-week rotation between classes A, B & C of each grade



  • In all classrooms, LFC*extra will bring its own toys and games, and will not use the equipment of the classroom. 

  • Just like toys in Maternelles are sanitized every evening, LFC*extra toys will be sanitized by the cleaning company every night. 


During pick-up time, Maternelles students registered after school will remain in their classrooms under the supervision of their classroom assistant. At 3:15pm, when most students have been pick-up, they will seat at a table and eat their snack. To avoid distributing items from hand to hand, we will not provide snacks this year as we normally do. Each student should bring their own.


At 3:25pm, the after school team will assemble children from the same grade staying after school in one of the three classrooms of their choice. Before entering into the new classroom, students will stop by the bathroom and wash their hands. They will also use hand sanitizer when entering the classroom. 

TRANSITIONS FOR GRADES 1-5 (3:20-3:30pm)

At 3:20pm, Grades 1-5 students will be met in their classroom by our after school team. While departing students are waiting for their number to be called to be picked-up, after school students will leave their bags in their classroom, grab their snack brought from home, and go out for recess with their LFC*extra teacher. Upon their return from recess at 3:35pm, students from each grade will wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and congregate in classroom A, B or C to start doing their homework. 

Once their homework is done, students will be offered a choice of fun indoor winter activities and projects such as video making, arts, board games, intergrade online competitions or, weather permitting, the opportunity to go outside for non-contact sports, games and free play.


  • Students are accompanied outside to recess by LFC*extra team members

  • When exiting the playground and before entering their classrooms, they are taken to the bathroom to wash their hands 

  • Each grade has their own play area–once outside, students stay in their own sections (PS, MS, or GS) and don’t mix with other grades.

  • Grades will rotate using the play structure throughout the week; no two grades are ever using the play structure on the same day. Play structures are sanitized throughout the day.


  • Pickup will take place in the Alain Weber alley in front of the Lycée’s west lobby

  • Parents or other adults authorized for pickup will present their pickup cards to the LFC team member on duty

  • The team member will enter the pickup number on the card in the carpool spreadsheet, automatically informing all LFC*extra staff that the child associated with that number are ready for pickup

  • Depending on the age of the child or children, they will either be brought to the west lobby by Lycée staff or will go to the lobby themselves from their classroom

  • When the child/children arrive, the team member on duty will check that the card number on their backpack matches the card number given by the adult for pickup


  • If you do not have a pickup card, please present an ID to the LFC team member on duty


  • Pickup is anytime between 3:30-4:35 pm, or anytime between 3:30-6 pm if registered for extended stay

  • Parents are authorized to park their car in the Alain Weber alley while they walk to the west lobby entrance to pick up their child

  • To promote social distancing, we ask that parents leave as soon as possible once their child has been picked up


  •  LFC*extra team members:

    • Sign the same pledge as all other Lycée staff members

    • Receive training on new information and organization of the after-school program prior to its start

    • Are trained in COVID-19 protocols 

    • Receive EpiPen training

    • Are given opportunities to complete the American Red Cross First Aid & CPR Training 


  • LFC*extra team members meet daily to review processes and make adjustments as needed

  • Training sessions are organized throughout the year, at the start of the school year and every month after that.