What you need to know

The current health crisis had forced us to make important changes to our programs. Here are a few things that you should know, by order of importance, as you start exploring our options:

1. A cohort system by grade: In Maternelles, LFC has established a total of 9 cohorts. LFC*extra will establish 3 cohorts, one per grade, allowing contact between students from the same grade but not allowing students from different grades to interact with each other. This decision is explained by the fact that there is not always the critical mass to offer a separate childcare service for each classroom. In case of a confirmed case in a classroom during the day, the entire classroom will move to remote learning. If the confirmed case has attended the after school program, all students from the same grade who have been in contact with the confirmed case in the after school program within the last 48 hours will also be asked to study remotely for the next two weeks. As of February 1st, there has been only one situation when a group of 7 students had to quarantine for 5 days due to their participation in an in-person after school program. 


2. Continuation of service: In case an entire grade is asked to go back to remote learning, LFC*extra will switch to a remote mode as well, offering much needed online learning support and fun to our students. In Maternelles, our focus will be on French acquisition to supplement the education of our younger students with “One hour of French”, a remote learning program tested with great success this summer during our virtual summer camps. For this reason, we will not offer a refund on the childcare program until 4:35pm. 


Families who have registered for the Wednesday afternoon program or for the extended part of the evening (until 6pm) will be offered a prorated refund on these programs if canceled.

In-Person/ Hybrid Programs


  • La garderie

  • Mercredi des maternelles

  • Flex-time

Remote Programs
  • My Hour of French

  • Les Ateliers Virtuels​

    • Musical Theater

    • Junior Hip-Hop

    • Hip-Hop