Homework help

School Days


Homework help & Extended stay for grades 1-5 students


Monday through Friday, February 28-June 14

$280.00 per weekday until 4:35 pm

or $395.00 per weekday until 6 pm

This program is ideal for families in need of evening childcare who want their child to complete their homework under the guidance of Lycee teachers or other qualified bilingual speakers. The homework part of the evening ends at 4:35pm. Students registered until 6pm will play at the playground or participate in activities in room 100, the west lobby or the little gym. 

Note: Should in-person learning no longer be an option at the LFC, enrollment in this program will automatically switch to enrollment in our "Online Homework Help" program. No refund will be offered on this program as students will be offered access to online homework support until 6pm daily and throughout the entire week. 


  • Le club des CP

  • Le club des CE1

  • Le club des CE2

  • Le club des CM1

  • Le club des CM2




5-Day pass: $175

10-Day pass: $350

The perfect solution for families who need to use the program on a non-regular basis. 24-hour advance notice is requested. This option is limited in time and frequency. Families wanting to use the program on a regular basis must setup proper registration online or with our office. Children using a flextime pass join the regular evening program (Le club des...) until 6 pm.