Technology has become a central element of our lives. Social Medias, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Connected homes… Our world is changing before our eyes, opening exciting opportunities but also new challenges and traps. More than ever, navigating these worlds safely requires a savvy knowledge of what happens behind the scene.


To contribute to LFC’s goal of educating the global citizens of the future and navigate the modern world, LFC*extra is now presenting Connected World, a series of free technology related courses taught online by members of our community with a solid expertise in their field and the desire to share their knowledge with our students.

Courses offered last year (Media Literacy, AI 101 and AI 102) were taught by Lycee parent Scot Wheeler, founder of The Center for Narrative Awareness (CENTNA), lecturer at Northwestern University, and by Lycee alumni Winston Michalak, an electric engineering major at Harvard University.

We will build on these programs this year. New courses will be announced in October and will start in early November.

Offered Courses
  • To be announced in October